Smart Agriculture Solutions

The Next 30 Years are the Most Important In The History of Agriculture

For Farmers and Ranchers, helping you get it right means everything to us!

Increase Yield, Reduce Loss and Lower Operating Costs

The Smart Farming IoT solutions from agri-space collect valuable information about your farm or any type of agriculture operation to provide you with real-time data, alerts and autonomous response that you control.

Solutions for creating a Total Smart Farm

Cereal crop loss to disease, pest and severe weather have a grave impact. Similarly, livestock are impacted by disease, digestive and other health issues, even predators. We give you the ability to increase yields and reduce loss.

feed and storage bin loss reduction

Approximately one-third of the food produced (about 1.3 billion tons), worth about US $1 trillion, is lost globally during post harvest operations every year. Not everything can be prevented, but we can help you cut your losses!

Food Security is impacted by the global supply chain and the losses. Nearly 33% of our food is lost in the supply chain. In 2016, the FDA passed the Food Safety Modernization Act to help reduce loss. Our team knows how to help!

IoT for Agriculture

agri-space has invested in putting together a first-of-its-kind solution for farmers of all sizes that is affordable, complete and provides you with all of the information you need to monitor virtually all aspects of your farm. There is considerable technology available today for planting, harvesting and irrigation and we applaud each of these. The solution we provide takes you that final step, giving you the data you need, when you need it.

Livestock and Poultry

Track your livestock, get early indicators of health, calving activity, body temperature, hydration and activity level. Create Geofences with alerting to protect your investment. We also have solutions for poultry.

Crop and Soil

Measure soil for moisture, oxygen, nutrients and tension, also monitor for common plant disease and pests. This allows you take action on these issues at very specific areas of your fields.

Tanks and Silos

Monitor any type of tank; fuel, water and milk. We also have solutions for silo humidity and other conditions that can lead to loss, including post-harvest losses.

Equipment - Other Assets

Know where your equipment is, auto-check maintenance schedules and detect issues such as roll over, or unauthorized movement. We also have tamper and theft alerting for beehives.

Weather Analysis

Weather analysis plays an important part in making decisions such as irrigation and others. Imagine having a weather station right on your property, feeding data to our analytics engine and comparing it to sensor data, giving you the best information possible.

Worker Safety

Keeping you and your team safe from harm with lone worker solutions, with health monitoring, man down alerting, location tracking and SOS alerting. You can also setup periodic checkin's for you and your team to ensure everyone is safe and where they need to be.

Supply Chain - Traceability

Our system can observe temperature, humidity and vehicle behavior via cellular and satellite. We can track vehicles, ships, trains and even planes anywhere in the world. If something violates a preset rule, a notification is sent immediately, with location specifics.

Portal and Mobile

The system provides you with all of the critical information you need from your computer, notebook or mobile device. Our system is delivered via a secure cloud-based system from your farm direct to you. You are the only one that can make the decisions, so we give you all of the valuable data you need.

Total Smart Farming Solution

Real Smart Farming
Autonomous Drone