About Us

IoT for Food Security and Agriculture

food se·cu·ri·ty (noun)
the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.
"food security has declined dramatically in many developing countries"

Our goal is simple, deliver cost effective smart farm solutions for global food security. Our team has decades of experience in agriculture from farming to processing to supply chain, as well as years of experience in satellite communications and IoT.

Global Reach

We have teamed with the leaders in satellite communications and space-based IoT. With 90% of the globe not covered by cellular, space is the new frontier for truly global IoT solutions.

Proven Success

Our team has a long history of success, particularly in new industry initiatives. Proven wins in satellite communications, IoT, decision analytics and agriculture.


We have selectively teamed with industry-leading partners both large and small, leveraging relationships is the only way to truly solve the Global Food Security problem and change the world.


Food Security requires a disruptive approach to solve the growing problem. We have partnerships and transformational technology, and are helping to make the solution affordable for a global impact.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Your Smart Farm Partner

re·la·tion·ship (noun)
the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other.

Our team is dedicated to being a part of your team from initial meeting and beyond. It begins with our subject matter experts and continues with on-going support. You won't be visited by "sales" people, instead you will be interfacing with a team of professionals in all aspects of agriculture. We provide you with a single company to call when you need anything for your operation, eliminating the need to buy, or get support from a wide array of agriculture technology companies, just call us!

Initial Meeting

Our team will come to your farm to meet with you personally and discuss your issues. We will take samples, walk the operation with you and make recommendations that will help you solve the issues you have, maybe even ones you weren't aware could be solved with technology. We can even integrate existing solutions you may have.

Ordering and Installation

Our team will place the order and when the system arrives we will be back with you to assist in installing, integrating and testing your custom total farm system. This includes sensors, interfaces, communications and your monitoring/data analytics platform. Once you agree it's good to go, we leave you and your farm to get acquainted.

On-Going Support

Our relationship doesn't stop there, if you have problems, or want to consult with us, you have a dedicated team to rely on. Just pick up the phone, send an email or text message and the team you worked with at the beginning will be there to take your call. For us, this is a partnership and we are only successful if you are!

Find Something New

The AgTech market continues to develop new methods and technology to help agricultural operations of all kinds. If it wasn't available at our first meeting, chances are we have it now, if not we can still help. One of our biggest differentiators is our ability to integrate product from a wide array of other vendors, allowing you to still have a single company to work with.

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