Complete Integrated Farming Solution for Crop and Mixed Farm Operations Made Simple!

Crop Farming
  • Soil Health Management
  • In-Field Plant Trait Data Collection
  • Mobile Irrigation Integration
  • Pre-Planting Data Analysis (on-line)
tree crop farming
  • Tree Health Monitoring
  • Pest Detection and Identification
  • Pollination Activity Levels
  • Fixed Irrigation Control
  • Mixed Operation Monitors
  • Integrate Crop and Livestock Solutions
  • Animal and Crop Health
  • Early Disease Detection
  • Organic Certification
  • Animal Disease Contact
  • Animal Genetic Tracking
  • Approved Animal Identification

Soil Management Sensors

Agri-space works with best-in-class sensor technology in an effort to bring to you a solution that best fits your needs. We offer soil sensors that connect via cellular, or LoRaWAN into our dedicated farm management software. Our sensors consist of buried or above ground technology and can be mixed to suit the field or crop type by you.

  • In-ground sensors can be buried up to 2m (6ft)
  • Up to 20 year battery life
  • Decrease fertilizer usage and cost
  • Water and Energy Savings up to 50%
  • Range up to 10 km depending on topography
  • No maintenance required
  • LoRaWAN and/or cellular transmission
  • Integrates with all agri-space gateways

Pest and Disease Detection and Identification

agri-space has a variety of solutions for pest or disease detection and identification from low-tech to high-tech imagery solutions. No matter your requirement, we can fit any need.

  • In-field capture and identification of airborne pests
  • Robotic and Drone Imagery Service
  • Satellite Imagery - Selectable Period and Frequency

Field Imagery

If you want to see what is going on around your farm, agri-space offers imaging solutions to help. Fixed camera's in the field, drone or robotic sensing and image capture and even satellite imagery are available as options.

  • Static camera image capture
  • Robotic and Drone Imagery Service
  • Satellite Imagery - Selectable Period and Frequency
  • Integration into smart analytics to determine exactly what is occuring

Outdoor Gateway

The agri-space outdoor gateway has high efficiency and is reliable for wireless networks. It's certified for most global unlicensed frequency bands and is manufactured in robust, compact and light casing, making it easy to install and deploy at farm. Fast network deployment solution for hundreds or even thousands of animals. Connectivity can be provided via satellite, cellular or direct internet.

  • Coverage of entire farm
  • Range of 5km to 15 km to LoRaWAN Sensors
  • Optional Embedded Advance Analytics
  • Ethernet, Cellular, Satellite backhaul
  • Power supply from PoE, Power line, Solar panel

Farm Management Software

Our comprehensive farm management software can work independently and together with the ear tags, asset tracker and all of the other sensor based systems that make up the agri-space total farm solution. agri-space software provides insights that help you make better decisions, increase efficiency and profitability. agri-space makes it possible to remotely monitor and audit all aspects of the operation, especially animal welfare.

Creating an interactive farm map is easy and simple. Users can apply the Google Maps satellite layer on the farm map and color the fields according to their usage. All infrastructure objects and assets are displayed as icons. Want to overlay the most recent soil survey, satellite or drone imagery, no problem just select the image overlay you want and it will show on your farm map.

Operations scheduling includes the ability to assign resources such as workers and assets to specific tasks and locations instantly from the farm management software.

Data from water, weather and soil sensors are all integrated in the system and can be used for planning or automatic actions such as irrigation automation.

The total farming solution from agri-space integrates with the systems and sensors used in all other aspects of farming such as tank monitoring, telematics, worker safety and give you information and control at your fingertips.

Imagine an integrated self-aware farm at your fingertips. Want to learn more about it?

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