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Who are we?

agri-space was founded to bring you an integrated total farm solution at the lowest cost possible. Our goal is to help in all aspects of agriculture to increase yields, reduce loss and keep you going, year after year. We are creating a better world from space, climb aboard and let's explore.

New to Farming We Can Help

Your Farming Education and Support System

Deciding to start a farm, or go back home to take over the family farm can be frightening and challenging. Taking over the family farm can be rewarding, yet there is a lot to learn and some new things to apply. Starting a farm takes courage, dedication and information. Centuries ago, farmers were surrounded by other like-minded neighbors sharing information, ideas and problems. Today, depending on your area you may not have that built-in support system, but don't worry agri-space is here. We have agronomists, cattle, poultry, weather and sustainability team members on hand to help you out, no matter what stage or size of farm.

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